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Pyramax Solutions LLC is founded & operated by Naveed Bumbia. The company started in January 2016. We provide quality engineering solutions & services to our customers by being very detail oriented in all the work that we perform. We greatly value our relationship with our customers and we strive to ensure that our customers get the best value for their investment.

We hope you will explore our website and contact us with any engineering, design, or programming need that you may have.


Naveed Bumbia is the proprietor and project engineer at Pyramax Solutions LLC. Naveed graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering & Mathematics.

Initially, Naveed was involved in programming PLCs and HMIs for the airport baggage handling industry. This work involved designing, programming, understanding project specifications, delivering presentations, and field commissioning to start up systems. Later, Naveed worked in the oil & gas industry as a PLC/HMI programmer. Here, in addition to PLC & HMI programming, Naveed got involved with proprietary controllers and devices. He was also heavily involved with supporting customers with on-site commissioning and presenting training sessions to the distributor network. Naveed developed several new products before deciding to move on to start his own company, Pyramax Solutions LLC.



Following is Naveed's contact information.

Email: naveed@pyramaxsolutions.com
Phone: 972-900-7241

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