Human Machine Interface (HMI)

HMI screens are an essential component in any control system. Whether your application is integration with a PLC, proprietary controller, or you are using your HMI as a stand-alone control solution, we can help you by developing screens that will improve the efficiency of your automation project.


Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides the operators critical information about their control system. This information may include the current temperature trends of the control unit, the inlet and outlet pressures of the system, the current running status of various devices being controlled & monitored by the system, and more. All this information is necessary for the operator to make informed decisions about the control strategy of their system.

At Pyramax Solutions, we have developed HMI screens in several development platforms. Our goal is to always develop screens that allow the operators ease of navigation for better control of the system. This is because we understand the importance of displaying data in a way that is easy for the operators to understand.

PanelView (Allen-Bradley)

PanelView Plus 1000

PanelView is an Allen-Bradley HMI screen.  Most customers who purchase Allen-Bradley PLCs prefer to get the PanelView HMIs with it.

The development software for the PanelView screens is the Rockwell Software's FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition (ME). To learn more about the development software, click here

PanelView screens are available is several different sizes. To learn more about the screen sizes and configuration, click here.


Pyramax Solutions LLC is an IDEC System Integrator Partner in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.


IDEC HG2G Screen

IDEC's HG2G, HG3G, and HG4G screens are available at relatively low price and offers an excellent alternative to many HMI brands. With sharp graphics and good connectivity options, IDECs HMIs competes well in all markets. 

Programs can be download on the IDEC HMI through a USB cable.

The programming software for the standard HMI screens is the WindO/I-NV2 and WindO/I-NV4.

The software is pretty flexible and allows creative programmers the ability to develop and deliver meaningful feedback to the control system.





IDEC FT1A-Touch Screen

WindO/I-NV3 is the programming software for the FT1A-Touch HMI. 

To learn more about the HMI development software, click here.

Midas (Red Lion)

Red Lion Midas G310 HMI

All Red Lion Midas HMI panels are programmed using the Crimson 2 or Crimson 3 software. The scripting language for the Crimson 2 and Crimson 3 programming software is similar to C++, and it allows amazing flexibility to choose the level of control the customer may require. 

At Pyramax Solutions, we have extensive experience programming and integrating various types of Red Lion HMI, including the G3 series and the Graphite series.

The Graphite series HMI offers a higher range temperature tolerance. With a temperature operating range of -20°C to 60°C, this HMI is especially useful is areas which experience harsh winters or summers. The graphic quality of the Graphite HMI is major improvement over the G3 series HMI.

 To learn more about Red Lion HMI panels available in the market, click here



Red Lion Midas Graphite HMI

The Graphite series HMI can also be used as a stand-alone controller by mounting the GMDIO Graphite I/O modules at the back of the HMI. This ease of integration enhances the potential of this HMI to new applications.

Pyramax Solutions has programmed and commissioned several valve control systems on the Graphite HMI, with I/O coming into the Graphite I/O modules at the back of the HMI. 

To learn more about the Graphite I/O modules, click here.

General Electric (GE)

GE QuickPanel+

General Electric's QuickPanel+ HMI screen comes in different sizes - 6", 7", 10", 12", and 15". This HMI is programmed through the GE Proficy Machine Edition software, which is a user-friendly development platform.

The QuickPanel+ offers a fully-functional HTML5 browser and multimedia support with the Windows EC7 operating system.   

To learn more about the QuickPanel+, click here.


Beijer HMI

Beijer HMI panels are programmed using the iX Integrator software package. Beijer HMI panels offers crisp graphics with several communication ports for interface flexibility.

To learn more about Beijer HMI screens, click here.


EXOR HMI screens combine state-of-the-art features with an outstanding design. EXOR produces several screens dedicated for different purposes. To learn more about the different screens, click here.

The EXOR HMI screens are programmed using the JMobile Suite software package. This software package includes development platforms for different applications including mobile and cloud applications.

The scripting language used with the JMobile Suite is JavaScript which allows programmers to develop creative designs and applications. To learn more  the JMobile Suite software package, click here.



Pyramax Solutions LLC is an appointed System Integrator for CIMON Automation.

CIMON XPANEL is a Windows CE based HMI unit. These screens offer high quality LED display and a variety of interfaces including Ethernet, Serial (RS232 & RS485), USB connectivity, and SD card slot options for storage. To learn more about different screen options, click here.

The CIMON HMI screens are programmed using the XPANEL Designer software package. To download this software, click here.


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