Engineering & Consultation

We can provide engineering & consultation services related to all stages of the project cycle. We also advise on proper integration techniques for optimum communication so that you can receive timely feedback on your control system.

Pyramax Solutions provide engineering services and well as consultation to our clients related to all stages of a project cycle. A project cycle consists of four stages.

Initiation stage

In this stage, an objective is identified and a decision is made on how to achieve the desired objective. Studies are conducted and feasibility reports reviewed before the project management decides on the optimum path to achieve the objective. Project teams are also formed in this phase.

When it comes to PLCs and HMIs, there are many decision that need to be made. Following are some examples.

  1. Which PLC/HMI brand to use
  2. How to get the panel built
  3. Which integrator/programmer to hire

Planning stage

In this stage, all the details of the project are ironed out. Everything is written down and approved. Following are some examples of details that are finalized in this stage.

  1. Control Sequence - Programming
  2. HMI display requirement
  3. Approval of panel drawings
  4. Approval of programming documentation (Control Narrative, Cause & Effect, etc.)

Execution stage

In this stage, the project plan is implemented. Programs are written and tested. Status reports are submitted to update the client of the project progress. 

Completion stage

In this stage, the final deliverables are submitted to the client. Final documentation related to the project is also submitted and the vendor contracts are closed.

Pyramax Solutions has completed several projects and our clients are very satisfied with our work. The key to having happy clients is to understand the importance of fulfilling client requirements in all stages of the project cycle and to regularly update them on the progress of the project. This way, the clients know when and what to expect when they receive the deliverables.