Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

With programming & integration experience with several PLC brands, Pyramax Solutions can provide you customized solutions that work!


Pyramax Solutions has experience working with different PLC brands available in the market. We have programmed a wide range of applications on PLCs, including natural gas compression, chemical injection, field valve control, air-fuel ratio control, and airport baggage handling systems. We ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with the control strategy before we begin programming. After completing the code, we spend time to thoroughly test our system to ensure functionality that meets customer specifications.

Whether you have an existing application that you need to upgrade to meet your production growth or you have a new application that you want to start from scratch, we can help you setup an optimized solution.


Allen-Bradley Control Logix

We have extensive experience working with Allen-Bradley's controllers. We have used Allen-Bradley PLCs to program several applications including baggage handling systems, natural gas compression systems, data collection from proprietary controllers, and processing data from stand-alone application units including temperature data collection, frequency sensors, & vibration sensors.

RSLogix 5000 and Studio 5000 are the PLC development software for most Allen-Bradley PLCs. RS Logix 5000 is used for PLCs setup for up to version 20. For versions 21 and up, Studio 5000 is the PLC development software.  


Allen-Bradley Compact Logix

There are several different Allen-Bradley PLCs that are used for projects with varying complexity. The two most common Allen-Bradley PLCs are the Control Logix PLC, used commonly for more complex applications that may require higher memory, and Compact Logix PLC.



Pyramax Solutions LLC is an IDEC System Integrator Partner in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. 


IDEC PLCs offer a reliable solution for automation applications. With standard ladder logic programming interface and an easy integration with IDEC's HMI, IDEC PLC control system offers customized solution at a great price.

There are several development software that are used to program IDEC PLCs. All the development software are included as part of the Automation Organizer Suite. To learn more about the Automation Organizer Suite, click here.

The IDEC FC5A (MicroSmart Pentra), shown in the picture on the left, is programmed on the WindLDR development interface. The IO cards for this PLC can be mounted on the right of the CPU.

The latest PLC in the MicroSmart family is the MicroSmart FC6A.


FT1A SmartAxis

A smaller PLC and HMI integrated controller offered by IDEC is the FT1A SmartAxis controller, available in 12, 24, 40, and 48 I/O CPUs.

To learn more about IDEC's PLC family, click here.

General Electric (GE)

GE PACSystems RX3i Controller

General Electric PLCs are used for a variety of automation applications. The CPU uses Intel Atom processors. The Proficy Machine Edition software provides the development environment for both the PLC and HMI.

The IO cards can be added on the right of the CPU, as shown in the picture. 

To learn more about GE Programmable Automation Controllers, click here


Pyramax Solutions LLC is an appointed System Integrator for CIMON Automation.

CIMON PLC is an industrial control device based on international standards of IEC61131. It is designed for a plant site that requires industry-leading reliability. CIMON PLC is optimized for industry 4.0 and enhances the intelligence of industrial sites. To learn more about CIMON PLCs, click here.

CIMON PLCs can be programmed using the CICON software package. To download the CICON software package, click here.



Siemens SIMATIC Controller

Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 controllers are used in many applications worldwide and has been proven very reliable.

To learn more about Siemens SIMATIC controllers, click here